Strength for Durability - Simplicity for Ease of Use The Automated Flagger System AF-100 is a portable system for work zone traffic control. Typical applications use one operator for two trailer s, and rem oves the operator from the roadway. The Automated Flagger AF-100 is a Red/Yellow Lens device that meets the Federal Highway Administration MUTCD Section 6E.04 specification.
Synergy Technology, LLC
AF-100 Advantages : Simple to Operate: Turn “On” the Power Switch, Press the Program Button, and Go ... (Automatic “Pairing” and No operator Programing) Trailer Size:  48 inch overall width (Narrow trailer for smaller road side shoulders) Steady Transport:  Nested Trailers can be pulled with stability at highway speeds MUTCD Compliant Signal Light Fixtures:  Aluminum Signal Lights with Backplates and Visors No Maintenance Batteries Largest Gate Arm:  5 1/2” height x 8 ft. length (+24” extension).  (”Pivot Back” / adjustable tension design for any vehicle that might hit the Gate Arm, and belt dr ive to “slip” if the   Gate Arm comes down on a vehicle). Back-Up Switch:  Pushbutton Switch on the Control Panel to operate without Remote Pendant. :  2 Remote Pendants  are included with each System AF-100. Signal Lights Warning Horn Gate Arm Jacks (4) Battery Box Telescoping Mast Solar Panel Control Panel y Operation programs include: Manual 2 Trailer Remote Control  Single Trailer Operation  Crosswalk / Haul Road Fully Automatic  Typical applications include: Water Line installation/repairs Power Line installation/repairs Tree Trimming Highway Construction Haul Roads Pedestrian Crossings 12” LEDs, Visors Backplate, MUTCD Compliant 48” Typical Two Trailer Operation Automated Flagger Traile r Automated Flagger Trailer Flagger /Operator with Wireless Pendent Typical One Trailer Operation Automated Flagger Trailer Automated Flagger Trailer Operator with Wireless Pendent S t o p 178 ” 90” 48” 60” 47” 7’-6” 10 ft. 46 ” 48” 130” Max Operation Transport 2023 Model System AF-100 Automated Flagger Back View Side View *Subject to Change Without Notice Automated Flagger System AF-100 is a 2 Trailer System that includes:  (1)  Main “A” Signal Trailer -    (1)  Remote “B” Signal Trailer (2)  Remote Pendants    -   (1)  Owner Manual (1)  Parts Manual    -    (1)  Training Course & Video Limited Warranty Features: Nested Towing Configuration 48” Overall Trailer Width for Small Shoulder Roads Steel Welded Trailer Frame  (8) Swivel Screw Style Leveling Jacks (15” lift) 5 1/2”  X 10 ft. adjustable Gate Arm that Pivots back if hit by oncoming car (height) (1) Wireless Remote Pendant - (1) Wired Pendant  Over-Ride Control Panel Switch (for applications where the Wireless Pendant is not available) 12 Volt Maintenance Free Batteries 100 watt Solar Panel LED Signal Lights MUTCD Compliant Signal Housing with Backplate and Tunnel Visors 900 MHZ radios  (frequency hopping, spread spectrum transceivers) Optional Equipment Available 24” Extension 2023 Model Optional Equipment: Part Number                  Description                                                          EJ                           Extended Heavy Duty Jack (drop down                                                                  $75.00                                  extension,  28” Lift)   (Main and                                                                  $175.00 PTH (2) Pintle Hitch Connectors                                  Remote Trailers) SHOR                                                            $175.00 (2) Rear Mounted  Sign  “Stop Here on Red ”   (Signs not included)  Sta nd & Mount                                (Check MUTCD drawings and specs. before use) WPK                         PN: 9-100                                                               $947.00 Wireless Pendant Kit   (Includes                                  Wireless Pendant, PN: 9-140 Pendant Battery                                 Charger, PN: 9-120 Spare Battery,  PN: 9-195                                 12V to 110VAC Inverter, PN:  9-150 Plastic Case) *Note: 1 Wireless Pendant Kit comes with each AF-100                                       System. WiredPK                   (Includes PN: 9-200 Wired                                                            $175.00 Wired Pendant Kit                                Pendant with cable, PN: 9-210 Plastic Case *Note: 1 Wired Pendant Kit comes with each AF-100                                       System.