Reduce Labor Cost Remove Flaggers from the Roadway
Automated Flagger
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Strength for Durability - Simplicity for Ease of Use The Automated Flagger System AF-100 is a portable system for work zone traffic control. Typical applications use one operator for two trailer s, and removes the operator from the roadway. The Automated Flagger AF-100 is a Red/Yellow Lens device that meets the Federal Highway Administration MUT CD Section 6E.04 specification.
AF-100 Advantages: Simple to Operate: Turn “On” the Power Switch, Press the Program Button, and Go ...
(Automatic “Pairing” and No operator Programing) Trailer Size: 48 inch overall width (Narrow trailer for smaller road side shoulder s) Steady Transport: Nested Trailers can be pulled w ith stability at highway speeds MUTCD Compliant Signal Light Fixtures: Aluminum Signal Lights with Backplates and Visors No Maintenance Batteries Largest Gate Arm: 5 1/2” height x 8 ft. length (+24” extension). (”Pivot Back” / adjustable tension design for any vehicle that might hit the Gate Arm, and belt drive to “slip” if the Gate Arm comes down on a vehicle). B ack-Up Switch: Pushbutton Switch on the Control Panel to operate without Remote Pendant. :
2 Remote Pendants are included with each System AF-100.
Why Choose the AF-100?
Automated Flagger AF -100 www.noflaggers Synergy Technology, LLC
Signal Lights
Warning Horn
Gate Arm
Jacks (4)
Battery Box
Telescoping Mast
Solar Panel Control Panel
Operation programs include: Manual 2 Trailer Remote Control Single Trailer Operation Crosswalk / Haul Road Fully Automatic
Typical applications include: Water Line installation/repairs Power Line installation/repairs Tree Trimming Highway Construction Haul Roads Pedestrian Crossings
12” LEDs, Visors Backplate, MUTCD Compliant
Typical Two Trailer Operation
Automated Flagger Trailer
Automated Flagger Trailer
Flagger /Operator with Wireless Pendent
Typical One Trailer Operation
Automated Flagger Trailer
Automated Flagger Trailer
Operator with Wireless Pendent
Sto p
Nested T  railer Towing
Radio Remote Co  ntrol
10 ft.
130” Max
T  ransport
2023 Model
System   AF-  100
Automated Flagger
Back View
Side View
*Subject to Change Without Notice
Synergy Technology, LLC - 229 Montgomery Ave. - PO Box 1939 - Albemarle, NC 28002 USA Phone: 704-986-0145 email: Web Site: www
Automated Flagger System AF  -100 is a 2 Trailer System that includes: (1) Main “A” Signal Trailer - (1) Remote “B” Signal Trailer (2) Remote Pendants - (1) Owner Manual (1) Parts Manual - (1) Training Course & Video Limited Warranty Features: Nested Towing Configuration 48” Overall Trailer Width for Sm all Shoulder Roads Steel Welded Trailer Fr ame (8) Swivel Screw Style Leveling Jacks (15” lift) 5 1/2”(height) X 10 ft. adjustable Gate Arm that Pivots back if hit by oncoming car (1) Wireless Remote Pendant - (1) Wired Pendant Over-Ride Control Panel Switch (for applications where the W ireless Pendant is not available) 12 Volt Maintenance Free Batteries 100 watt Solar Panel LED Signal Lights MUTCD Compliant Signal Housing with Backplate and Tunnel Visor s 900 MHZ radios (frequency hopping, spread spectrum transceiver s) Optional Equipment Available
24” Extension
Automated Flagger
Automated Flagger AF-100
2023 Model
Synergy Technology, LLC - 229 Montgomery Ave. - PO Box 1939 - Albemarle, NC 28002 USA- Phone: 704-986-0145 email:
Optional Equipment: Part Number Description EJ Extended Heavy Duty Jack (drop down $75.00 extension, 28” Lift)
PTH (2) Pintle Hitch Connectors (Main and $175.00 Remote Trailers)
SHOR (2) Rear Mounted “Stop Here on Red Sign $175.00 Sta nd & Mount (Signs not included) (Check MUTC D drawings and specs. before use)
WPK Wireless Pendant Kit (Includes PN: 9-100 $947.00 W ireless Pendant, PN: 9-140 Pendant Battery Charger, PN: 9-120 Spare Battery, PN: 9-195 12V to 110VAC Inverter , PN: 9-150 Plastic Case) *Note: 1 Wireless Pendant Kit comes with each AF-100 System.
WiredPK Wired Pendant Kit (Includes PN: 9-200 Wired $175.00 Pendant with cable, PN: 9-210 Plastic Case *Note: 1 Wired Pendant Kit comes with each AF-100 System.
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